Letters to the Editor

Gun-rights lunacy

I was furious to read that the open-carry gun bill moved through committee so easily (Open-carry gun bill advances in committee, Oct. 7).

It makes me wonder if Rep. Matt Gaetz; his father, Sen. Don Gaetz; and even Ben Carson, who claims that Americans need access to assault rifles, have heard about the latest spree of mass shootings. Gaetz claims that openly carrying a gun promotes safety. Is he saying that sporting a gun openly on your hip would mitigate the impulse to use the weapon?

How in the world are we going to begin to address these rampage shootings with this kind of mentality? The Second Amendment that these folks claim to uphold needs to be brought up to date and up to the reality of children, teens and others getting shot at what were once considered safe havens.

Let’s just tell the truth here: It all comes down to greed. Never mind who gets killed, even if it’s a class of 5-year-olds. I never respected the thinking or the minds of such pro-gun people, and now I see that they have no heart, either.

Cheryl Sheinman, Aventura