Letters to the Editor

Mom’s arrest

Re the Oct. 10 article Mom jailed for failing to obey police: The arrest and subsequent jailing of young South Florida mom Rita Guzman, parked illegally on the grass at her daughter’s elementary school, appears to be the consequence of a “perfect storm” that’s nothing if not predictable in impatient, testy Miami.

All the ingredients of the three-pronged event are there: limited legal parking at pick-up time for little kids getting out of school; a local driver entitled and arrogant; a cop without a smidgeon of common sense who escalated a minor incident into an arrestable offense.

So the single mom goes to jail, the cop could (and should) be in trouble; the little kid probably was screaming for her missing mom; and the car likely got towed.

It all cost a lot of money, time and stress.

The mother needs a lesson in courtesy and respect, character traits hugely lacking in Miami drivers. Fortunately, someone was filming the incident, although the police officer might not think so. Time for some reflection and serious retraining.

And, the school? It needs to stagger its pick-up schedules or remove the “no parking” signs from the grass during those hours.

Susan Russell, Coconut Grove