Letters to the Editor

Where’s democracy?

Re Coral Gables Commissioner Vince Lago’s Oct. 8 letter, Cubans need their rights and democracy restored: I thought it an undemocratic letter for an elected official to write.

He is so concerned with the Cuban people not having to fear retribution. However, what has he said or done to condemn the domestic-terrorist firebombing of my office in his city? Nothing. Mum’s the word.

First, how does he promote democracy when he cannot defend it in his own city?

Second, referring to our Founding Fathers, we fought for our freedom from the British with much loss of lives and property, unlike Cubans who didn’t stay and fight for their country.

I bet the kids in South Florida know of José Martí, but do they know George Merrick, Henry Flagler and Marjory Stoneman Douglas? The future of Cuba is in the hands of the Cuban people to decide and act on.

We have had our constitutional right to travel trampled on and we have isolated the American people from Cuba as if we were going to be indoctrinated if we had contact with the island.

I guess that does not happen when we freely travel to Vietnam, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. All those people in South Florida who were victims of actos de repudios and lost their jobs just because they traveled to Cuba had no democratic rights here at home.

I, an American of free will, am the best ambassador of my country and its values.

Vivian Mannerud, Fort Lauderdale