Letters to the Editor

FPL’s algae problem

Miami-Dade commissioners just gave the green light for Florida Power & Light to dispose of super salty, algae-choked sludge deep into our aquifer.

Irony No. 1: FPL was cited one day earlier for violating county water standards in four wells — areas that are easily monitored since they’re above ground.

Irony No. 2: We are leaving it up to FPL to make sure the sludge waste doesn’t get into our aquifer and contaminate our drinking water, the same FPL that argued for years that the cooling canals didn’t pose a threat to our water supply.

The talking points from FPL state that this waste water will be pumped “deep down below the confining layers where it won’t communicate with the porous layers.” How do they know this will work, something that has never been done before? They don’t.

Luckily for FPL, our commissioners are an easy lot to fool. Just ask Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria. We all better get use to the taste of desalinized water. It’s just around the corner.

Wilfred Lara, Miami