Letters to the Editor

Thoughtless drivers wreak havoc

My mother is a physician of rehab medicine at the University of Miami.

One morning recently she was on call at Jackson Memorial Hospital and came home heartbroken. She saw a 21-year-old patient who lost her legs in a car accident.

This patient’s life has been changed forever because of a reckless driver.

This was just one of many patients she has seen who have been critically injured on South Florida roadways.

The drivers here are some of the worst I’ve seen in the country.

I’m 25 years old and have three younger siblings ranging in age from 12 to 16 still at home.

My mother tells me all the time that she is petrified driving on Miami roadways because of these reckless drivers who speed and zig-zag between cars on the highway with no regard for other people’s safety.

Enough is enough. How many people have to die or become disabled for life before something is done about this?

Something needs to be done before another person’s life is tragically cut short by a reckless driver.

Tzvi Ference, Miami Beach