Letters to the Editor

GOP doesn’t care about uninsured

I am upset and appalled by the Nov. 7 Other Views article GOP leaders: The logjam is broken.

The smug, patronizing tone just beneath the surface is painfully apparent, in which John Boehner and Mitch McConnell somehow blame Obamacare for the problem of rising healthcare costs and, once again, arrogantly crow their intention to repeal it.

All this after paying lip service to the idea of dropping the partisan bickering and working with the president. Instead, they are more defiant and confrontational than ever.

The GOP is really interested only in the insurance industry’s bottom line and not in the health of our citizens. Republicans have no alternative or constructive solutions of their own.

Periodically, they have even threatented to sue or impeach President Obama, all because he has tried to help the least fortunate members of society who otherwise would be denied insurance or unable to afford it.

Boehner and McConnell have no compassion, and I wonder if there were a way that they themselves could be impeached. That would truly make my day.

Alan Asper, Miami Beach