Letters to the Editor

Parenthood hearing

Re the Oct. 1 opinion article The harassment of Planned Parenthood: If Dana Milbank considers five hours of sometimes tough congressional questioning of that group’s president Cecile Richards harassment, I wonder what word he would use to describe killing innocent, defenseless and voiceless unborn children and then selling their body parts.

Planned Parenthood (PP) the largest abortion provider, killing over 300,000 preborn human beings annually in the United States alone.

Milbank claims PP gets no federal money for abortions, however, Richards admitted that her group receives government funds for some abortions. She also revealed that PP’s income after expenses was $127 million and the organization gave more than $20 million to pro-abortion candidates in 2014.

The hearing also brought to light the fact that of the $550 million PP receives yearly from the federal government about $490 million pays for services rendered including birth control, some forms of which can cause abortion. The rest — $60 million — is grant money. I think a good compromise would involve ending the grant money to PP and forwarding it to community health clinics which do not perform abortions.

Francis Mahoney,

Fort Lauderdale