Letters to the Editor

Support for Israel

On Oct. 8 letter writer Carl Manzelli states, “This administration’s verbal support of Israel is meaningless.” True. Talk is cheap, but money is not.

The Obama administration budgeted $3.1 billion in Israeli military aid for FY2015, which finances 25 percent of the overall Israeli defense budget. Plus $600 million to support Israel’s Missile Defense. Plus $10 million to assist with the resettlement of migrants in Israel. Plus, Israel may issue up to $3.8 billion in U.S.-backed bonds, which is essentially a loan guarantee.

As for meaningful talk, the United States is often the sole vote against U.N. anti-Israel resolutions, thereby preventing those resolutions.

There are more such facts that support President Obama’s bottom-line commitment to Israel, if one cares to look rather than merely talk. Becoming aware of the facts is easy — and essential to an educated electorate.

Paul Saluk,

Pembroke Pines