Letters to the Editor

Choose midwives

Re the Oct. 7 article Florida hospitals perform too may C-sections: While it is stated that this study by the Leapfrog Group is meant to help expectant parents in Florida choose a hospital, another safe choice is rarely mentioned in such articles.

The study included only first-time, low-risk mothers with a single baby, head down, who have reached their 37th week and, therefore, are considered at a low risk for complications. This is the exact criteria used by direct-entry midwives practicing throughout Florida under the guidelines set forth in Chapter 467, commonly known as the Midwifery Practice Act.

Expectant parents in Florida need to know that by using a Florida-licensed midwife, they are choosing maternity care that is as safe as, or possibly even safer than, a hospital birth. Statistically, using their transport information, Florida’s midwives have the lowest Cesarean rate in Florida — about 15 percent.

Linda Wilson, past president, Midwives Association of Florida, Coral Gables