Letters to the Editor

FIU expansion

Re the Oct. 4 letter Moving the Fair: The Dolphin Mall site, if it is available and affordable, must meet with the approval of the Youth Fair as an “equal or better location.” FIU was given voter approval to waive the charter ban on construction in parks, but no voter initiative can free Miami-Dade County from its contractual obligations to the Fair.

The waiver is hardly a “mandate.” Less than 15 percent of registered voters approved it.

That FIU does good for the community is neither in doubt nor relevant to the discussion of the Fair’s relocation, and neither is the good that the Fair does for the community.

If the site near the Dolphin Mall can be secured and paid for, and the Fair approves, FIU will be able to expand at the Fair site. All of this is possible, but by no means certain.

Martin Motes, Redland