Letters to the Editor

Research, then vote

All the city of Miami District 2 candidates are running against the Sarnoffs. I fear that so many may inadvertently split the vote and help Teresa Sarnoff win the election.

Sarnoff would have greater respect if she were campaigning in four years on her own achievements and not on the coattails of her husband, City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, and receiving developers’ funding because of his influence. This campaign seems to be an attempt to exploit a loophole in the term-limit rule. It’s shameful and seems unethical.

I hope that voters will research the candidates well. May they be wise enough to elect the one candidate that knows the most about zoning and municipality process and that has invested the most amount of time and energy championing causes to benefit our community.

Needless to say, I support Grace Solares.

Harry Emilio Gottlieb, Coconut Grove