Letters to the Editor

Scott and Spectra

Gov. Rick Scott would have us turn a blind eye to his financial interests in Spectra Energy’s building a pipeline that he has fast-tracked with an expedited approval.

His excuse is that the investment is held in a blind trust thus providing him immunity from state ethics laws prohibiting public officials from owning stock in companies subject to their regulation. The blind trust is managed by Scott’s personal friend and business manager, Alan Bazaar. He has gone on secret junkets to Texas with Scott, who also refused to disclose the nature of those trips claiming they were a personal hunting trip paid for with his own funds.

Scott is the trustee of the state board owning the public lands, and he appointed his crony, former Rep. Jimmy Patronis, to the Public Service Commission as a reward for his political sponsorship of a bill allowing the pipeline to be fasttracked. These are the foxes in charge of the hen house. We might as well be blind because Scott keeps us in the dark.

Carl Buehler, Plantation