Letters to the Editor

Support for accord

The Florida sun may be known for its ability to lure beachgoers from around the world, but it also is critical to our business, AET Solar.

AET, based in the Sunshine State since 1975, employs 68 people. In an industry like ours, we can’t always count on domestic markets because of the unpredictable incentives of the solar industry. Therefore, international trade has proven to be a consistent boon to our business. Selling to other countries allows us to diversify revenue streams and create the long-term growth that our company and our employees need to succeed.

At AET Solar, we have seen firsthand how strong, fair trade deals can benefit U.S. companies. After the United States entered into a bilateral free trade agreement with Colombia in 2012, AET Solar won two new Colombian accounts.

Negotiators recently finalized the Trans-Pacific Partnership with 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region and it will soon go to Congress for an up-or-down vote. As the agreement has the potential to give businesses like AET Solar the ability to compete on a more level playing field, I hope Congress can pass it quickly.

Andrew East, executive vice president, AET Solar,

Green Cove Springs