Letters to the Editor

Hold the line!

My traffic-choked commute from Redland to Sunset Drive and 102nd Avenue has morphed into a trip of one hour and 40 minutes. I’m sure that the 2,000 or 3,000 cars spewing from Lennar’s new Kendall Square —more than 1,000 “units” built on 165 acres of farmland at Kendall and 162 Avenue is a a major factor. This is sick!

There are myriad reasons to oppose any zoning changes to agricultural land:

▪ Water: The Biscayne Aquifer is a finite supply, dwindling with every new development.

▪ Traffic: We’re already choked out and drowning in tolls — if we can afford to take toll roads at all.

▪ Sprawl: Paving the rest of the county will obliterate what’s left of our watershed.

▪ Pollution from additional vehicles.

▪ Loss of farm land (see Kendall Square).

▪ Loss of wildlife habitat: My own property is home to snakes, squirrels and rabbits, birds and bees — and the insects and critters to feed them all.

I could go on. But with all our efforts to get county and state officials to “Remember Redland,” I am astounded to learn that once again we must fight to hold the Urban Development Boundary.

Pat Bonner Milone, Redland