Letters to the Editor

More express lanes

How come the tolls on our expressways keep increasing, but our ability to move on them keeps decreasing?

Why don’t members of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority and Miami-Dade commissioners consider transportation improvements that will help our horrible congestion instead of waste toll revenues on previously failed transportation experiments?

Since the airport is one of our most important traffic, business, and economic generators, we desperately need dedicated express lanes on the Dolphin Expressway between MIA and the Palmetto Expressway.

This is a much better idea than the proposed addition of an express bus service lane on the Dolphin Expressway (New 836 widening project gets rolling, Sept. 28), that will likely end up being as wasteful and unused as the South Miami-Dade Busway. That failed experiment, with peak hour utilization of under 4 percent capacity, is used by more bikers and skaters than buses.

Meanwhile, the adjacent South Dixie Highway is one huge parking lot during rush hour.

Won’t they ever learn?

Kenneth H. Thomas, Miami