Letters to the Editor

Seasoned teachers

In response to the Oct. 5 opinion by Angel Arroyo, Support AmeriCorps teachers, I offer a different approach: Why not give financial support to long-term teachers instead of those who may not return the following school year?

While it’s a noble idea to recruit young talent, why not assist consistent talent? A veteran teacher seeking a doctorate degree would only receive a bonus of a few thousand dollar per year. It would take an entire career (or more) to pay off that degree. It makes no financial sense.

While schools can always use an influx of fresh ideas and energy, is it wise to support a constant turnover?

Wouldn’t a sense of community be a better goal? Isn’t it time that we reward and support those who are in it for the long haul and aren’t going to quickly parachute out?

Katie Ortiz,

Miami Springs