Letters to the Editor

Economic clout

Another shooting, more anger and frustration over senseless deaths, more merry-go-round social and political arguments. Where’s the economic argument?

Weapons, ammunition and all of the accessories for maintaining and using them are made by large and small companies. Some are big multinationals. The peripheral industries surrounding them are huge, manufacturing, supplying, warehousing and shipping.

Shouldn’t these links of the chain become more involved in the use of their products?

We’re led to believe that the average Joe has little economic clout, but the truth is we are the national economy. Is our little IRAs, 401ks, insurance policies, mutual funds or portfolios funding these companies? Do we know who these companies are? Are we, as a nation, willing to rattle this economic chain?

I’m not a gun owner, but I have enjoyed hunting and target shooting with friends. I’m not anti-gun. I know there are responsible gun enthusiasts who cringe when such events occur. Where are their voices?

Ken Ekalo, Hollywood