Letters to the Editor

Justice for Wollard

Re Carl Hiaasen’s Oct. 4 column, Shooting slug into a wall: 20 years!: How can Lee Wollard continue to be imprisoned?

Someone must compel Gov. Rick Scott to go on the record as to why he voted to not release Wollard. Someone must compel State Attorney Jerry Hill, who argued for continued imprisonment, to better explain why Wollard ought to remain in prison, having already served seven years for a warning shot he fired that’s hard to see as any sort of crime. Hill said that Wollard had a “history of bad decisions” that included drug use. What evidence is there of those bad decisions? What is the relevance even if there were any bad decisions?

Hill’s statements seem reckless and irresponsible. The judge who sentenced Wollard said that he was compelled to sentence him to a mandatory 20 years. But couldn’t the judge have held the mandatory sentencing law to be cruel and unusual punishment and a violation of the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution?

Wollard’s fate to this point seems completely unjust. Someone, somewhere in this state should do something to undo this terrible wrong.

Terrance J. Mullin, Coral Gables