Letters to the Editor

Teachers, IT techs need more training

Re the Nov. 8 article Tablets a tool and test for Dade classrooms: I’ve noticed that there are multiple approaches in different classrooms for ways to incorporate technology.

As a ninth-grader in a Miami-Dade public school, I have experienced one of these approaches. My teacher, with all good intentions, has implemented the latest technology; however, when she has a problem with the technology, there is no one to ask and instruction comes to a halt.

Meanwhile, we are responsible for passing an end-of-course exam. She does not have any support from the IT staff because they were not given the same training as my teacher.

I believe that if not only the teachers, but also the IT staff, were more educated on the specific devices and software supplied to them and their students, the teachers would be able to work with the devices better, and they would also be able to get immediate assistance from the on-campus IT staff if they encountered problems.

In addition, the fact that there is not enough bandwidth for more than 25 students to be able to use the Internet at the same time does not help.

In class, whenever our teacher attempts to use the devices, several students’ Internet connections get very spotty, or in some cases, are lost.

I think the best solution would be to have at least one class set of the latest textbooks when all else fails.

There were many changes this year, including new technology, new student tests and new standards. When going through such drastic changes all in one year, continuous support in instruction and technology for all schools is necessary so that learning is not interrupted.

Blanche Spiner, Homestead