Letters to the Editor

Learn U.S. history

Re the Nov. 2 article Some immigrants say no to U.S. citizenship: Nancy Alvarez’s difficulty in learning English comes from living in a community that only speaks Spanish.

Total immersion in a language is the most successful. Schools that hire Spanish-speaking teachers for children aren’t doing the kids any good. My grandparents both came from Slovakia. My parents could not speak English until they went to school.

As for becoming a citizen, I’m one now and I distinctly remember my grandmother taking me with her to attend the class to become a citizen when I was about 8.

Recently, a family member sent me the certificate she received and a picture of her smiling face on it. She was about 50 at the time.

To truly love our country you have to learn its history. English is our nation’s language, and everyone should use it.

Pat Joseph-Becker,

Key Colony Beach