Letters to the Editor

Giant flag proposal

The Nov. 1 story Tycoon behind huge flag rips politicians is another example of the guarded attitude of the Miami commission.

If Miami were a normal city, Mike Fernandez should have been referred to the organization responsible for the improvement of Museum Park.

To my knowledge, there is no specific group, elected or appointed, to advance this prime park land despite my urging and that of community-based groups because the commission enjoys being the gate keepers to all city matters.

Absent a specific group, the proposal should have been referred to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Going back to 2002, I recall ideas focused around a well-landscaped green park with views to the bay. It seems a giant flag pole may fit into that concept as it would not impede views nor cover over land.

With an elected or appointed Museum Park board, armed with a publicly generated mission statement for the park, Fernandez could have been given a decent public hearing that he and others deserve.

Steve Hagen, Atlanta