Letters to the Editor

Toast the Marlins

As we emerge from the dust clouds and embers of the midterm election, we can lift a glass to the Marlins and smile again.

We can celebrate the many awards that have come to our star players this past season. Giancarlo Stanton, in right field, won the 2014 Hank Aaron Award. Stanton was also named National League Outstanding Player and is a National League Silver Slugger Award winner. Left-fielder Christian Yelich won a Gold Glove Award in the National League.

And, at third base, Casey McGehee won the National League comeback player of the year.

Where the political process can divide us, baseball has a wonderful way of bringing us together. Let’s stand behind the Marlins and the fantastic talent on our home team. We can look ahead to a winning season next spring.

Connie Goodman-Milone, Miami