Letters to the Editor

No White House transparency

President Obama continues to promise an administration filled with transparency, but since those empty promises were made we’ve had:

▪ Clandestine deals with the Taliban in trading five prisoners in Gitmo for Bowe Bergdahl;

▪ Secret negotiations with Cuba and the pope to secure diplomatic normalized relations with a communist dictator and trade five known prisoners for Alan Gross;

▪ The Benghazi coverup

▪ Closed-door negotiations with Iran on a nuclear-arms deal that the American people do not want or trust to be in our best interest.

▪ NSA collection of cell-phone information on Americans;

▪ IRS audits of conservative 403c non-profit groups;

▪ Hillary Clinton’s secret email servers while secretary of State;

▪ Closed-door meeting with Raul Castro and Vladimir Putin.

I miss the good old days when weapons of mass destruction cover-up was the biggest unknown.

Jacob Eljaua, Miami Lakes