Letters to the Editor

Synchronize lights!

Does anyone from the Department of Transportation travel the roads of South Florida?

Anyone can see that some traffic lights are not synchronized and that some lights are too short and some are too long. Is there any thought process going on for making simple adjustments? This would make sense and make getting from Point A to Point B just a little more efficient.

How about a light at Florida’s Turnpike exit on Ives Dairy Road at Sun Life Stadium? Otherwise, let’s just keep this death trap as it is and endanger everyone going in every direction.

It was OK to provide this exit to benefit Miami Dolphins games, but not to make it safe when there is no game or police to direct traffic. What we have is mindless inefficiency on all roads and highways that don’t benefit the traveler no matter how many articles the Miami Herald publishes.

What we have is a Department of No Transportation or “DONT.”

Mike Melnick,

North Miami Beach