Letters to the Editor

Endless traffic

Driving through the Palmetto/Dolphin Expressway interchange the other day it appeared to me that this project is near completion. Yay!

We’ll finally be able to get through that spaghetti bowl with some semblance of order.

But wait — there’s a new project wherein express lanes will be constructed on the Palmetto.

Oh no! Hopefully this will be done soon and we can once again look forward to smoother traffic in the area.

But wait, there’s another project on the table wherein the Dolphin will be widened. Oh no, not more construction!

Here’s the question for the folks at MDX: When will you stop the construction projects? The only way to know if these projects were worth the money is to observe the movement of traffic upon completion of said project. In the meantime, traffic is worse than ever.

Paul Bourjaily,

Palmetto Bay