Letters to the Editor

Dolphins fail fans

We have been Miami Dolphins season ticket holders for four years. We were with them in the Orange Bowl from 1970-1992.

On Sunday, we arrived at the stadium (or the street next to stadium) at 3 p.m. for the 4:20 p.m. game against the Buffalo Bills.

We were stuck in traffic around the stadium for over an hour and turned away from our pre-paid parking.

We parked at a school about half a mile from stadium and arrived at our seats nine minutes into the first quarter. We were told it was a sellout and that even though we paid in advance for parking, it’s no guarantee we are allowed to park.

I have been to many games that are sellouts and never a problem.

Now, there is an entire section reserved for the “blue” seats, club and above. There were hundreds of empty spaces.

The Dolphin organization will not refund my or anyone else’s parking fee.

I am so happy for Steve Ross and his monied seats, which, again, were empty.

I’ve been a Dolphins fan for 45 years, and the horrible game is not the reason we will not renew our tickets. Being treated as if we are not appreciated, or even respected, is the reason.

Janis Ziffer,

Boca Raton