Letters to the Editor

Gun violence, again

Another mass shooting, families destroyed, death and hate implanted into the memories of another campus.

Yet, the NRA and its followers keep repeating the mantra that “guns don’t kill.” We keep hearing that guns keep us safe, protect us from criminals and terrorists. Let’s look at the numbers. Homicides in the United States for the 12-year period between 2001 and 2013 numbered 153,144.

During this same period, homicides in the country from terrorists (2001-14, including 9/11) were 3,046. When will we stop believing the lie that gun ownership makes us safe?

When will we mature as a nation and face the reality that our laws are a free pass to killings?

When will we stop burying our children because of senseless and hate-filled acts? It seems not soon enough.

Maria Elena Lopez, Coral Gables