Letters to the Editor

West Kendall’s traffic woes

Traffic congestion is taking a toll on West Kendall’s quality of life.

I have lived in the area for 25 years, during which I have seen the round-trip commute to my job in the Doral area grow to three hours each day.

It is time for county leaders to address what has become a quality-of-life issue for the residents.

Driving ourselves out of this problem is no longer a solution.

A community of this size and population should have rapid-transit trains connecting West Kendall to the Metrorail line and a train line north to the Miami Intermodal Center. In the current political atmosphere, funding those critically needed rail lines seems out of the question. But, there are other less-costly solutions that leaders should consider:

▪ Buses stuck in regular traffic defeats the purpose of using them.

One of the three traffic lanes at Kendall Drive and 104 Street should be turned into an express-bus lane.

▪ Adding a light-rail line to the existing CSX line that runs from Zoo Miami to Miami International Airport should be a simple and inexpensive solution to one of the most congested traffic arteries.

▪ Many people would ride their bikes if they didn’t fear being maimed or killed on busy streets. Making our community more bike friendly by adding bike lanes and paths on local streets and along the many canals that crisscross our neighborhoods would help.

▪ Miami-Dade Expressway Authority should share more of its toll revenues for local public transit solutions, such as share-a-ride vans and free local community buses like those used by many cities in the county.

West Kendall is home to many working- and middle-class families whose lives are being negatively affected by this traffic nightmare — both financially by the high cost of commuting and by the increased stress it adds to our lives.

Isn’t it time for civic leaders to act?

Orestes Silverio,