Letters to the Editor

Praying for the pope

As Cuban Americans and Catholics, my family and I are emotionally overwhelmed by Pope Francis’ words and behavior in Cuba. The Catholic Church is a corporation with a very steep hierarchy. Only ambitious priests reach the top.

Four people remain detained with multiple charges after the pope’s visit. He was surrounded by his own people who kept him informed of what was happening, and he is knowledgeable about the situation in Cuba.

Yet Francis chose to meet with the two Castro brothers, whose hands are soaked in blood, and neglected the dissidents on the island. In the United States, he chose not to have lunch with Congress in order to have lunch with the poor. He also visited a prison in Philadelphia.

Yes, my family and I will pray that the pope stop using a double standard depending on where he travels, and mainly that God forgives him for ignoring our brave dissidents, heroes in our fight for freedom and human rights in Cuba.

Maria C. Tellechea

Rodriguez, Davie