Letters to the Editor

Muslim invasion

It was a no-brainer that American military lassitude in the Middle East would inspire terrorist recruitment among disenchanted youth and result in carnage and a refugee incursion deep into the West.

Peace is not just the absence of war. Like it or not, America is charged by its founding moral principles and singular military superiority to deter and vanquish if need be, Muslim militants who slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocents and force millions more to uproot themselves, abandon their lands and invade and disperse throughout those of others.

Yet, America’s commander-in-chief allows Bashar al-Assad and ISIS to butcher on. Oddly, President Obama refers us to the Christian Crusades, but will not use the “M” word to identify radical Muslim atrocities in real time.

By sitting this historic moment out, the president is enabling the Islamic fundamentalists’ claimed destiny to invade and subvert the Western world. Caliphate accompli.

John Lanzetta, Miami