Letters to the Editor

Jeb Bush’s blinders

Re the Sept. 30 editorial, Some free advice for candidate Bush: There was a moment when many black professionals, executives and members of the middle class considered Jeb Bush a viable alternative to their dogged loyalty to the Democratic party.

He appeared to be a compassionate conservative whose values could be adapted to our country’s changing demographics and dynamics.

That moment passed when Bush blew the dog whistle of hidden bias and coded messages to woo support for his presidential candidacy. Bush knew exactly what he was doing in South Carolina when he suggested that the Democrats’ message to blacks was “get in line and we will take care of you with free stuff.”

We wish it was a slip of the tongue, but it was too practiced and polished.

The photo that accompanied the editorial online shows that Bush has his eyes closed to the value of the future he holds.

George Knox, Port St. Lucie