Letters to the Editor

Rebuild Cuba?

I wish I could agree with Mike Fernandez's Sept. 27 article, I choose to help rebuild my old Cuba today.

All we hear from the Castros is that they want the "blockade" lifted, Guantanamo returned, that they will not change the way they govern, and there are no political prisoners in Cuba.

No mention is made of their betraying all Cubans when they embraced Communism, confiscating all private property, sending about 10,000 Cubans to the firing squad without any due process, and destroying what was a prosperous country with one of the largest middle classes of its time.

We cannot forget and justice must be done, because if not, I’m afraid the world will be dominated by the Putins, Assads, and Ayatollahs and the world will be much more chaotic and lawless than it is today.

Abel Mestre, Key Biscayne