Letters to the Editor

Gutsy gators

It was bad enough when Jeb Bush, married to a woman from Mexico, told us that multiculturalism was bad for America.

It was bad enough when his new tax proposal was more GOP tax cuts for the richest of us. It was outrageous when he had the nerve to tell us that his brother “kept us safe” when we all know 9/11 happened on his watch as well as the bombings of 13 embassies and consulates, killing 60 people.

However, more outrageous than all of these foolish comments by Jeb is the fact that he picked Tennessee to beat the Florida Gators.

How can anyone trust a man who turns his back on his own home state?

Glad you were proved wrong, again, Jeb, by a real gutty performance by the Florida Gator football team.

Harvey Slavin, Hallandale Beach