Letters to the Editor

Wrong path

Pope Francis has been identified as the “people’s pope,” but this isn’t the case for Cuban people who crave the right to a dignified life in a true democracy with justice and freedom.

The lack of interest demonstrated by His Holiness not to meet with Cuban dissidents and opposition on this trip to the island and with representatives from the exile group on the trip to the United States demonstrates a behavior inconsistent with his constant demonstrations to identify himself with the oppressed and those who are suffering. Meeting the Cuban dissidents and the exiles would have allowed him to gain a knowledge of other Cuban reality.

Much more alarming and incompatible with the mercy and compassion of God's representative on earth has been the attitude of the Holy Father to ignore the harassment, persecutions and arrests against dissidents unleashed by the regime during the papal visit.

In other matters, the intercession of Pope Francis in the restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States has made possible the continuity and possible perpetuity of a tyranny with a long history of unpunished human rights violations.

A tyranny that promotes the Marxist-Leninist tactics of staying in power using violence and terror, not only in Cuba, but also as a means of interference in the internal affairs of other countries, as is the case of Venezuela.

For those of us who are Catholics, Pope Francis is infallible in matters of dogma, however, with all the respect he deserves, his doctrine in the political order is taking a wrong path.

Jaime A. Pérez,