Letters to the Editor

Halt deportations by executive action

The elections are behind us and President Obama needs to keep his promise to issue an executive order to halt deportations despite reports that this would light the flames of opposition in Congress.

Executive action should be embraced by Congress, not seen as a red flag and a signal to block any hopes of immigration reform.

A year ago, the Senate passed a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that was almost 2,000 pages long. Some House members complained about the length of the bill. But the truth is the current laws are outdated and you cannot fix our complex immigration system without going into the details.

People complain that “illegals” broke the law when they came to America, but at the same time those critics blithely ignore the fact that the workers’ labor is good for the economy. Sadly, the current system does not allow for a practical legal path.

Therefore, in order to safeguard our economy and the future of the people whose labors make much possible, Congress should embrace the president’s promised executive action.

The order should halt deportations, allowing the undocumented some temporary relief. Children born in this country will not end up in foster care because their homes have been torn apart and their parents forced to leave the country of their birth, businesses will be able to legally employ essential workers, and Congress will have time to debate and pass the Comprehensive immigration bill the country needs.

Elizabeth C. Pines, immigration attorney, Miami