Letters to the Editor

Domestic violence pain

I recently read the Oct. 20 article, From victim to victor: Rebuilding her life after living through domestic violence. There are so many women, children and even men that live in horrifying situations and often feel stuck and trapped with no hope of ever getting out.

This article brought tears to my eyes and a joyful heart because I’m so proud of this woman and her courage to create a better life for herself. I’m also a survivor of domestic violence. I also got out of my situation through the help of many people, including the amazing support team at Women In Distress of Broward County.

Domestic violence seems to be minimized nowadays. This was very obvious when the Ray Rice situation occurred. Society seemed to side with and justify him instead of being disgusted .

It’s appalling to hear many people say that she probably deserved to be hit.

I know what being violated by someone you trust feels like and it take years to get over the pain and hurt.

This article will help others to be aware that there are options and there is so much support and help offered to people living in these nightmares.

I would like to let the amazing woman from this article know that she is inspiring to so many.

Kristen Hopkins, Plantation