Letters to the Editor

Expanding PortMiami for tourism and cargo

While there has been some opposition to further expansion of PortMiami, specifically the Royal Caribbean terminal, I’m in favor of these developments.

As a local business owner that is also in the logistics industry, I’m excited for the opportunities that the PortMiami Deep Dredge Project will open up for businesses in Miami – accommodating both larger cruise ships and cargo ships.

This will help position Miami as not only a top tourist destination, but also a major commercial business hub.

South Florida is a big player in the multibillion dollar logistics. Its unique infrastructure consisting of international airports and port cities makes Miami the ultimate logistics hub on the east coast and a natural gateway to connect with the Caribbean, Latin America and South America.

From a logistics perspective, I’ve already seen how the port expansion has been a game changer for big-box retailers giving them the opportunity for their freight to be easily distributed across Florida and beyond. It has also helped Miami’s real estate business due to the forecasted demand for warehousing. Over the last 12 months, warehousing costs have escalated, leading many companies to invest in these services and create a solid infrastructure here in our hometown.

This influx of capital is also going to result in an increase in jobs across various sectors including real estate, warehousing, trucking and other logistics related fields. In addition, the port expansion will attract workers and citizens of all skill sets, making for more efficient and improved logistics services.

Once the Panama Canal is opened in 2016, Miami will be the go-to port for Post-Panamax ships and a serious business hub between the United States and neighboring countries.

Ron Atapattu, Overseas Cargo, Inc. (ShipOCI), Miami