Letters to the Editor

Benghazi continues

When 9/11 occurred, nobody said that President George W. Bush was responsible for any part of it. It was generally accepted that this was an act of terrorism and as Americans, virtually everyone rallied round the flag.

In this event we lost more than 3,000 lives, a tragedy in our history. But, nobody blamed George Bush, and for good reason. It was a terrorist attack.

Now, we turn to Benghazi, which was also a terrorist attack. Did the Republicans rally round the flag? No, they certainly did not. They used this as a chance to try to place blame on the president and his secretary of State.

There have been approximately nine Congressional commissions on Benghazi, all led by the Republicans, trying to find blame with the Democrats. Not one commission was able to fault the administration. Now we have another investigation designed to denigrate the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

This is disgusting.

Jim Judge,

Coral Gables