Letters to the Editor

Parenthood support

As guardian ad litem for a sexually active 17-year-old girl in foster care, I persuaded her to let me help her get birth control.

I could have taken her to a health department clinic or any number of other providers, but I chose Planned Parenthood because of its professional staff. I knew that even more than their clinical expertise these young, exquisitely trained women could relate to this troubled youth and make her feel comfortable.

Although my girl is rarely communicative, especially with strangers, she emerged from her appointment all smiles and offered, “They are so nice. We actually had a conversation.”

More important, when it came time to make her next appointment, she readily complied.

I’m outraged that Congress would take a fraudulent video, pretend its false claims are fact and use it to justify jeopardizing women’s health and the precious resource that is Planned Parenthood.

Carol Cohan, Miami