Letters to the Editor

GOP rethinking

I have been a registered Republican since I was 18 years old. However, it has become disconcerting to even consider myself a Republican anymore after the way the party has shifted from the principles of small government, personal liberty, and fiscal responsibility to an ultra-right wing agenda.

It has become easier to identify with the Democrats, though the leadership there has also taken a strong position too far to the left. The tea-party movement has taken over the Republican party and caused disenchantment.

Where is a moderate person to turn?

I believe a fairly large amount of the population is not truly Republican or Democrat, but rather moderate individuals who have qualities of both. Yet this viewpoint is mainly unrepresented in Congress.

I am in Florida’s 27th district, and my representative has been elected unopposed for most of my adult life. When will the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee run a moderate individual to provide a true challenge in this seat? If they can’t find one, I am willing to do it if for nothing else than to be able to raise the issue of under-representation of moderate voters.

Pablo J. Rodriguez, Miami