Letters to the Editor

Auto tag renewal

I recently discovered — and am in disbelief about — the online payment for renewing vehicle registration in Miami-Dade County. I normally renew online and remember being charged a minimal fee.

I was shocked to discover that there now is a convenience of $3.50 per vehicle renewal. Upon emailing AUTOTAG@miamidade.gov, it was confirmed that this was the charge at this “new” site.

I was told I could also renew at www.GoRenew.com, where there is a single convenience charge of $2.

This information was nowhere in my renewal notice or anywhere online.

What a difference! I emailed renewexpress-support@grantstreet.com to inquire about the big difference in fees, and have yet to hear back from them. These fees are ridiculously high, and the method of acquiring them is suspect. Why would someone pay $3.50 per vehicle if they could pay only $2, especially if they have multiple renewals, such as other cars, or boats or trailers.

Loretta Mufson,

Sunny Isles Beach