Letters to the Editor

Support Red Cross

It’s distressing to hear negative stories about the American Red Cross as in Bobbie Montero’s Nov. 5 letter, Charity lacks integrity.

I know from experience that many of them are leftover lore from World War II, or outright lies. On the rare occasions when a charge was true, the Red Cross could match the FBI in its pursuit of righteousness.

I spent five years as a (low) paid American Red Cross worker. Many of us volunteered to put ourselves in harm’s way during wartime. I served in Vietnam. We didn’t go for the pay or the glory. We went to honor the sacrifice of the soldier in the trenches. We saw a lot. Some of us died. All of us remember.

The Red Cross is not perfect, and we all wish that it were. If there is wrongdoing, help root it out, but don’t smear the volunteer work and history of this amazing charity.

Susan Russell, Coconut Grove