Letters to the Editor

Fiorina’s positions

Carly Fiorina’s favorite movie must be Fantasia — since facts have little to do with her contrived earnest, strident positions.

She decries President Obama for negotiating with Iran to control the world’s biggest state supporter of global terrorism.

However, Hewlett Packard’s foreign subsidiary sold hundreds of millions of dollars of products to Iran while she was CEO, in violation of the very sanctions championed by the president that brought Iran to the negotiating table on the nuclear deal.

She rails against the horrific videos of Planned Parenthood while a question of whether any such videos even exist is at issue. Fiorina joins her fellow Republican presidential candidates in another misguided and deceptively presented attempt to defund an organization whose vast majority of work implements and improves women’s health programs.

More irony from the only Republican woman seeking to be our nation’s president.

Paul A. Lester, Miami