Letters to the Editor

Bascom’s Dr. Murray a hero

Bascom doctor a hero

The Nov. 2 front-page article Bitter medicine at Bascom shocked me, although it shouldn’t have.

It is no surprise what a toxic and envious employee can do to a colleague, even if it destroys everyone around him.

Dr. Timothy Murray brought nothing but respect to Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, yet his colleague, Dr. Philip Rosenfeld, has attempted to discredit a fellow doctor, along with the reputation of the entire hospital.

My mother became Dr. Murray’s patient after going through countless doctors and procedures when one of her eyes was found to have melanoma. She had been treated by another reputable surgeon, to no avail, and all the eye doctors were recommending removing the eye.

Finally, we found Dr. Murray. He saved my mother’s eye and her eyesight. Seventeen years later, she can still read and live independently. He treated her with a professional, yet affectionate demeanor, his personality making the whole procedure of surgery and testing pleasant for her.

I’ve seen this kind of squabble before in the work place. It looks like Timothy Murray simply made Philip Rosenfeld’s own star seem dimmer in comparison, so he is attempting to extinguish Dr. Murray’s light.

No matter what Dr. Rosenfeld tries to do, real talent and competence cannot be hidden, and Dr. Murray will continue to shine in his field. I just hope no permanent damage is done to him or Bascom Palmer in the wake of it all.

Marta Magellan, Miami