Letters to the Editor

Defending Carson

Re Leonard Pitts Jr.’s Sept. 23 column, Candidates stoke fires of bigotry: I watched Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s interviews and I find he did not suggest he would never vote for a Muslim for president, the way Pitts said in his column.

“I would not advocate” is a far cry from denying a Muslim the presidency.

After playing it over and over, (including the interview with Sean Hannity), he is specific as to the values required of the president of the United States, which are to protect our Constitution by placing it above religious beliefs.

He also did not say he would accept a Muslim who rejects Islam, but instead the “tenets” of certain radical beliefs.

Pitts greatly misrepresented Carson, as have many in the media.

Thankfully there are now ways for people to verify what is actually being said.

Rosemary Calleja, Miami