Letters to the Editor

Cuba won’t change

I was amused by el Nuevo Herald’s Executive Editor Myriam Márquez’s surprise that she was denied entry to Cuba to share in Pope Francis’ visit. What did she expect from a regime that has violated human rights and the most basic principles of liberty for more than 50 years?

Those who share the opinion that “conditions for the Cuban people will improve” are right. Just like in China and Vietnam we’ll probably see many more bicycles, maybe even automobiles and restaurants. But we can rest assured that civil and human rights will still be nonexistent.

The next generation of Castros will continue the grip on power, only becoming wealthier and sharing that prerogative with those affiliated with them,who don’t care about liberty.

The pope’s visit only contributed to the church getting liberties for its homilies and properties, nothing else.

Sergio Masvidal, Miami