Letters to the Editor

Alzheimer’s toll

With regard to having treatment and Medicare for patients with dementia, none seems to exist. I know from experience.

Unless you have no assets, you will pay out of pocket, which I did for three years for my husband. He had Alzheimer’s, and there are limited facilities that take that type of patient.

He was twice admitted to the Palace, and after a few weeks was turned away. It couldn’t cope, and I was paying $8,000 a month.

I took care of him for two years at home with the help of aides, but at age 75 it was hopeless.

The day you pack your husband’s bag to go to a nursing home after 50 years of marriage will tear your heart out.

Alzheimer’s will bankrupt a family.

It is time that this disease be addressed and these patients end their lives with dignity.

Joan Strong,