Letters to the Editor

Raising the bar

Of all of John Padget’s admirable achievements, being a classroom teacher isn’t one of them, yet he is the vice chair of Florida’s State Board of Education. He advocates “raising the bar as high as possible.”

This is easy to do, except it would result in the failure of the majority of Florida’s students. But this may be the intent. If Florida’s teachers and students are performing well, more tax dollars cannot be justified.

But if there is failure, government can demand that more dollars be thrown at it, and if the system isn’t failing, then administering tests instead of education can certainly produce that failure. And has. Save tax dollars, let the teachers teach. A radical concept, but it is what produced today’s legislators and bureaucrats — though that could be the most damning evidence of all.

Tom W. Glaser, teacher, Mater Academy Charter High School, Hialeah Gardens