Letters to the Editor

Molly punishment

A middle-class college student who cornered the market on Molly drug distribution in Miami cooperates with law enforcement and has his retired policeman uncle, retired New York judge, a Brooklyn councilman and his mother plead for leniency.

One of his shipments intercepted by agents contained 10 kilos of methylone (Molly). Florida’s mandatory minimum sentence for 11 kilos of marijuana is three years, 400 grams of cocaine is seven years, 14 grams or more of oxycodone is 15 years and up to 28 grams of methamphetamine is three years. He gets two years in prison.

We can’t know if anyone was irreparably harmed or died as a consequence of his activities, but the substances he dealt in certainly had the capacity to affect users’ lives as much as or more than any of those with codified minimum sentences.

The law is clearly way behind the chemists.

Lorraine Dowdy, Miami