Letters to the Editor

Has Bin Laden won?

Ever since 9/11 our elected officials have cast the ongoing conflict on terrorism as being “with us or them.” Not a single day goes by without a provocatively negative statement about Muslims and Islam.

On the one hand officials are quick to say that they have nothing against Islam and its followers, yet they are publicly saying exactly the opposite.

Whether it’s a question asked at a debate, the response of Dr. Ben Carson or the ridiculous arrest of a bright 14-year-old student, these aren’t isolated instances but a continuum. If hysteria and terror is going to be part of our daily lives, then 14 years after 9/11 Osama bin Laden and his group of extremists have been successful in cowering us.

We need to break this cycle. Using fear to gain votes and approval ratings isn’t going to make us stronger.

Munira Motorwala, Miami